How to Record Roku Content to DVD Recorder

I really like my Roku Streaming Player and watch it all the time. I have the XDS model and I recently thought wouldn't it be nice if I could record some of the content I watch from my Roku to my DVD recorder.

Well, you can record to DVD and it's really easy to setup. I recently discovered that the HDMI output and the analog composite outputs on the Roku XDS send out the signal simultaneously. This makes it possible to record whatever you are currently watching. To set this up, I connect the Roku's HDMI out to my TV's HDMI input and connect the Roku's analog composite outputs for video and audio to the composite inputs on the DVD recorder.

So, if you watching something you would like to record, you just press the record button on the DVD recorder remote while watching it on the screen and it gets recorded to DVD. Pretty cool, give it a try and tell me what you think.

For the record I only record and recommend recording public domain content, it is not my practice or recommendation that anyone record copyrighted content.


  1. Anonymous12:46:00 PM

    I record stuff all the time, you should too! Why not?

  2. Anonymous11:14:00 PM

    I tried that but got a scambled picture on the dvd recorded dvd?

  3. When I did this, all I got was audio, no video. What might I be doing wrong?

  4. Anonymous5:18:00 PM

    I have been looking at the Roku for precisely this reason. You said that HDMI and composite video output simultaneously. What about HDMI and s-video? If it's a matter of settings and not being able to watch as I record, I can live with that.

  5. Can the av cables be run from the roku to the DVD player and from the DVD to the tv? I have an older tv so got the Roku 2XS since I cannot connect with HDMI.

  6. On my recorder i get a error message that says this program is not allowed to be recorded? Anyone know the solution? Its a toshibia recorder

  7. Anonymous9:30:00 PM

    i dont have a roku xds . i have a roku 2 would i still be ablto record from the roku 2?

  8. Anonymous12:02:00 AM

    I tried this on my roku 2 as well and it did not work. I am buying the xds model on eBay to try this out. So I hope you are right.