Nintendo says Wii 2 is in the Works

Nintendo announced that it will launch a successor to the Wii game console and that it will "offer a new way of playing games."

Nintendo annouced that the new machine would launch sometime during 2012.

Nintendo did not reveal details about the "New Wii" and said instead they will unveil the Wii's replacement for the first time in Los Angeles on June 7 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

"As for the details of exactly what it will be, we have decided that it is best to let people experience it for themselves at E3," Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata said, according to a report from Reuters. "So I won't talk about specific details today, but it will offer a new way of playing games within the home."

Japan-based Nintendo revealed that profits had fallen to a seven-year low.

The Nintendo Wii has certainly been facing growing competition from the more powerful Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles – both of which now feature motion controls like the Wii. Also, Nintendo's handheld DS game machines have been facing intense competition from smartphones, which often double as portable game machines.

It's been rumored that Nintendo would reveal a successor to the Wii. And according to leaks from multiple anonymous sources, the Wii 2 will feature controllers with touchscreens, will be capable of running games in HD resolutions and will be more powerful than the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

The Wii 2 is also reportedly being developed under the codename Project Cafe and, according to a report from IGN, will be capable of streaming games to each controller, will be around the same size as the first-generation Xbox 360 and could cost between $350 and $400.

Nintendo has not said anything regarding those rumors. However, it appears the new Nintendo game console is unlikely to involve 3-D gameplay.

"It's difficult to make 3-D images a key feature, because 3-D televisions haven't obtained wide acceptance yet," Iwata said, according to Bloomberg.

That statement is in line with one other Nintendo statements have made in the past.

This news certainly seems timed to give Nintendo a much-needed shot in the arm.

The Wii was a great idea and a new way to play games, hopefully Nintendo will do it again with Wii 2, we will see...


  1. Anonymous6:28:00 PM

    sick to what your good at "KIDS GAMES" how ever that said the better you make it the more people will buy it as a duel use console so stay strong and try and become stronger.

    making controls harder to use seems to be a new pass time. hope you make a more intuitive one this time i like new tech but it still has to work.

  2. But you have to admit when Wii came out it was just fun to play. Not just pushing buttons on a controller but moving around. Now, look Microsoft and Sony are doing the same thing.

  3. Anonymous9:21:00 AM

    Your right Tech people laughed and thought the controls were crazy for the wii but it wasnt long before the competitors jumped on it. I was clowned because the wii isnt a "real gaming" console by xbox 360 folks. I just love to see the kinetic being advertised with little cartoon tigers for the xbox and just think look at you now. lol

  4. All these consoles are mostly about having fun, right? The one with the most fun wins...right?

  5. Anonymous12:29:00 AM

    The Black Eye the "Wii" has had to carry is the lame graphics, and non standard drive size (cd/dvd).
    They made up the loss of core gamers with a huge gain in casuals.
    People are generally lazy, so having motion as the primary is another fail.
    They had to move on, but raided your pockets first.
    And now see where they take us forward...

  6. Anonymous10:10:00 AM

    Whatever they come out with will be fun. But it will never pull first-person shooter fans away from the 360 or PS3. And that is a huge chunk of gamers think call of duty, halo, killzone.

  7. The only reason to own a Wii is Mario. Without Mario, Nintendo would have died years ago. The draw back of having a third rate ps2 clone with motion controls is that you limit your hard core, power driven gamers away from your system. I however am lame and buy most all Mario games, unless its a sports title, and can say that Mario has kicked ass for years. I don't think I would be as involved with video games if it wasn't for the greatness of Mario 3. Nintendo, go back to your video game roots and make a system hard core gamers will enjoy. While your at it, learn from your competitors and make your system have multiple functions.

  8. Anonymous8:10:00 PM

    Nintendo is a console for kids and senior citizens

  9. Anonymous9:40:00 AM

    Only one thing has kept me from straying from Nintendo. LEGEND OF ZELDA.

  10. Anonymous2:27:00 PM

    ummm just so its out there, tech adventure, the wii wasnt the first motion control system, for one, and eyetoy and move were in dev loooong before hand. if youve played the two side by side, the wii is so cheap and touchy, and move is spot on. kinect isnt original either. thats old news too

  11. Hey,come on, you have to admit the wii was an innovative idea when it came out, you know you had fun playing it... just admit it. I do like the move also but it did follow the Wii.

  12. Anonymous6:21:00 AM