Turn your Apple iPad into a Pro Sound Remote Mix Control with StudioLive.

Well folks, it's about time for some music technology discussion...

How many times I have been in front of a sound console and really needed to walk around to different locations in the venue to see how it sounds from various locations. I then run back to the console and make the needed adjustments and then walk around some more, constantly having to run back to the console to make adjustments. Well now I can make adjustments from where I need to with the new PreSonus StudioLive Mixers and the StudioLive Remote software for the Apple iPad.

PreSonus has released the first dedicated wireless control software for a small-format digital console: StudioLive Remote software for the Apple iPad. With it, users can have wireless remote control of any PreSonus StudioLive-series digital mixer's channels, auxes, effects, subs, Fat Channel processors, and more. Not only can these functions be controlled from anywhere in a venue by the front-of-house sound person, but custom aux mixes can be simultaneously adjusted by any performer with an iPad. StudioLive Remote, available free from the iPad App store.

You're mixing a live show with an old-skool mixer make that any reasonably affordable mixer other than PreSonus StudioLive and you need to check the sound underneath the balcony or in the balcony, for that matter. Or you're sound-checking and want to hear the stage monitors for yourself. Want to let the band mix their own monitors? Be prepared to spend a small fortune on one of those fancy high-end "Model A" headphone-distribution systems.

You can say goodbye to these problems if you use a StudioLive mixer and an Apple iPad! With PreSonus StudioLive Remote for iPad, you have complete, real-time, wireless remote control over Virtual StudioLive for Mac and Windows, which in turn offers real-time control over the StudioLive mixer. As long as you have a wireless connection between your iPad and computer, you are in control of the console. You are free—and so is StudioLive Remote! StudioLive Remote provides wireless remote control from multiple iPads at once! That's something even $20,000 digital mixers can't currently do. With StudioLive Remote every performer can have their own iPad to control their own personal monitor mix.

Get Multiple Views on your iPad. Overview displays channel levels, mutes, panning, EQ curves, and more for multiple channels at once. Click for a closeup view of Fat Channel processing. Navigate between gate, compressor, EQ, etc., with the flick of a fingertip. Aux view shows you the levels, panning, and Fat Channel processing for the Aux sends and internal FX. Adjust the graphic EQ in its own view. Hold your iPad in Portrait position to see the parameters for the currently selected channel.

This has to be one of the best uses of an iPad  I have seen yet. The cost of the iPad is very minimal compared to the functionality it provides with the StudioLive app and this series of mixers.

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  1. Turning your iPad into a mixing console sounds so cool! What's nice about this app is that you can do a lot of mixing without moving from places to places. It's very convenient!

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