Make Free calls with Google Voice on Your iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone via WiFi

OK, I'v been wanting to turn my iPod touch into a free WiFi phone for some time now. I have made it work before in the past with some success but the process of making a call was rather involved an awkward at best. Now, a new app called Talkatone makes it really easy and it works well. Just setup a Google Voice account, install the app and follow the instructions and it works. With the iPod touch you need the headphones that have a microphone to make this work

Talkatone helps you to make unlimited FREE calls, send text messages and share locations using data connection on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
Talkatone uses WiFi or 3G connection only and doesn't use your cellular minutes.
Well, there you have it. It's very simple and just works, best of all the app is a free download from the Apple Store..I love it.


  1. I also use this on my iPod Touch and on my Android phone I use gVoice from the Android Market:

    Having both devices capable of making free calls with Google Voice is quite nice!

  2. I've been using GrooVe IP on my galaxy tab to make calls over Google Voice

  3. This is an interesting service for the iPod and iPad. I would definitely try this one on the wire.

  4. You can also download the Magic Jack app for the iPod touch, no fees, no set up, don't have to run it through Google Voice, just fire up the app and GO!