Jolicloud - Portable HTML5 Desktop - The web of tomorrow, today... For everyone.

I'm always trying to find a lighter OS to use, faster, gets more done in much less time and easy to use.

This is a really cool Linux OS called Jolicloud, it can be installed as a standalone OS as well as run along side Windows OS. Best of all it's open source and FREE!

Jolicloud breathes new life into old computers. Jolicloud is easy to install on virtually any computer in just one click. Now you can transform any computer into a powerful new cloud computer.

Jolicloud is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution for netbooks. It is geared towards extreme user-friendliness so that any computer user can install it with just one click. Besides the standard ISO image, the distribution is also provided as a Windows executable file which can resize an existing Windows partition and install Jolicloud as an alternative operating system. Other Jolicloud features include heavy orientation towards web application and services, online backup option, web-based software installation interface, inclusion of proprietary hardware drivers and non-free media codecs, and extensive social networking features.

Jolicloud is the portable HTML5 desktop that you can bring with you across all your devices, which means you can always be connected with all your files, friends and Web apps wherever you go.

With Jolicloud, you can launch and organize your favorite Web apps just like real apps. There are more than 1000+ popular Web apps that connect to Jolicloud desktop, including SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Docs, Spotify, Boxee and much more. Jolicloud also connects all of your Web storage together, so you can access all your files, photos, videos and music from across the cloud in one place. Plus, a unified social stream not only lets you see what your friends are up to, but also shows you what new apps they're using.

Whats really cool is "My Jolicloud" lets you access your Jolicloud desktop from any Chrome browser.

Learn more about Jolicloud at:


  1. Anonymous3:45:00 AM

    Mmh... I'd rather have an OS that I can still work with when there's no Internet connection.

  2. Anonymous11:02:00 PM

    Mmh... When there is no Internet connection there's nothing to do on the computer. Soon web apps will allow you to work offline. And laptops will have mobile broadband connections via cellphone networks. Or allow you to tether to your smartphone.

  3. Anonymous9:17:00 AM

    Mmh... Joli OS also lets you install normal Linux apps, and has a ton available in its application gallery for simple install.